Sunday, June 26, 2022

High Class Colored Photo Play -- June 26, 2022

Springfield News-Sun, 18-June-1922

Oscar Micheaux was a pioneer in producing what were known as race films. 100 years ago this month, one of his films was playing in a High School Auditorium in Springfield, Ohio. "Produced by Micheaux Film Co. of Chicago, largest colored film company in America."

Dallas Express, 03-June-1922

Last month we saw that the Benroy Motion Picture Corporation of Dallas was looking for investors. I'll keep looking for information about director Fred D Wilson.

Birmingham News, 06-June-1922

Someone was trying to sell his stock in the Gay Theater Company "which operates colored theaters in Birmingham."

Chattanooga News, 24-June-1922

A ladies' group complained that white children, including girls, had been seen going into a theater that catered to African-Americans. Excuse while I clutch my pearls.

Dallas Express, 03-June-1922

I have mentioned before that I greatly admire John Harris, owner and manager of the Grand Central Theater in Dallas, who had a policy of showing race films. The Dungeon was an Oscar Micheaux production. I cannot find anything about Are You Fit to Marry? It sounds like an exploitation film.

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