Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Color and Sound -- June 28, 2022

Film Daily, 07-June-1922

The movie being filmed under the working title The Legend of Troubled Seas was released as The Toll of the Sea. It was the second feature film made by the Technicolor Corporation, the first to be released and the first using the subtractive, two-color Process 2. It was also the first film starring Anna May Wong. The film is still available. 

Technicolor Process 1 was an additive two-color process and it required a special projector. Process 2 could be shown on a regular projector. 

Film Daily, 02-June-1922

I have not been able to find information about the Vocal-Educational Film Corporation and its sound process.

Film Daily, 08-June-1922

The Vocal-Educational Film Corporation used a device which could be attached to a standard projector. The device allowed the film to be synchronized with phonograph records. The speakers were behind the screen, which was an improvement over some sound-on-disk systems.  

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