Monday, January 3, 2022

Marion Davies and Pola Negri, 125 -- January 3, 2022

Beautiful and talented actresses Marion Davies and Pola Negri were both born on the same day 125 years ago, 03-January-1897. 

The movies of Marion Davies were hard to find for a long time, and people got her mixed up with the character Susan Alexander in Citizen Kane. Actually, Davies was a good actress, with a great talent for comedy. I have enjoyed all the movies in which I have seen her.

I took this photo of her square in the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese on 18-July-2009.

Pola Negri was born in Poland and became a big star in German movies. In 1922 she went to America and appeared in a great variety of movies. I first learned about her when I read Charlie Chaplin's My Autobiography. I thought she sounded scary. Later I learned that she could do comedies as well as dramas.

Moving Picture World, 12-November-1921

Moving Picture World, 05-November-1921

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