Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Harold Lloyd -- The Colossus of Comedy Astride the Sea of Laughter -- January 5, 2022

Motion Picture News, 28-January-1922

Some people consider the four reel "A Sailor Made Man" to be Harold Lloyd's last short, while others call it his first feature.

Motion Picture News, 28-January-1922

The movie is packed with stereotypes, but it is still funny.

Motion Picture News, 28-January-1922

You might wonder why Secretary of War John W Weeks, who was in charge of the US Army, received a special screening, rather than Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby, but Weeks was a graduate of the Naval Academy and served in the Navy during the Spanish-American War.

Motion Picture News, 28-January-1922

Harold Lloyd's first undisputed first feature was Granma's Boy, which is mentioned her with a pair of working titles, He Who Hesitates and Have a Heart

Great Falls Tribune, 01-January-1922

I love this ad for Lloyd's first thrill picture, "Never Weaken." 

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