Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Harry Carey -- Sweeping the Country Like a Landslide -- January 11, 2022

Pueblo Chieftan, 11-January-1922

This laconic newspaper ad seems to say that "Harry Carey in The Fox is a Bear." A bear?

Motion Picture News, 14-January-1922

Universal advertised The Fox as "The Year's Big Spectacle." 

Motion Picture News, 21-January-1922

"Sweeping the Country Like a Landslide" may not have been a good choice of words. 

Moving Picture Weekly, 28-January-1922

"Exploitation Suggestions" includes covering an electric streetcar with 24-sheet (billboard-sized) ads. 

Motion Picture News, 28-January-1922

At the same time that Universal was ballyhooing the heck out of  The Fox, Harry Carey had already left Universal and said he had no definite plans for the future. . 

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