Monday, January 24, 2022

Keep Your Eye on Buster Keaton! -- January 24, 2022

Exhibitors Herald, 21-January-1922

First National, having taken over distribution of Keaton's second season of silent short comedies, was promoting them heavily. The first film of the second season was a great one, "The Boat." "Take a Peek Through the Port Hole in His New Comedy Series."

Exhibitors Herald, 21-January-1922

This item cleverly gives away most of the surprises in the film.

Great Falls Tribune, 01-January-1922

"Keaton's Latest Mirthquake."

Motion Picture News, 21-January-1922

"The Playhouse" opens with Buster playing the actors, the musicians and the audience of a vaudeville show. 

Moving Picture World, 14-January-1922

"Cops" would be another one of Buster's best. 

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