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The Cleanest, Brightest Once-a-Week Comedy That Money Can Buy -- September 26, 2021

Moving Picture Weekly, 03-September-1921

In Century Comedies, Brownie was ably supported by Harry Sweet, Charles Doherty and Baby Peggy. The company produced 52 one-reelers a year. 

Moving Picture World, 03-September-1921

Arrow Comedies also promised 52 movies a year. Arrow offered three series:
  • Arrow Broadway Comedies starred Eddie Barry, Harry Gribbon and Helen Darling.
  • Arrow "Cruelly-Weds" Comedies starred Paul Weigel and Lilie Leslie.
  • Arrow Speed Comedies starred Neely Edwards and a mob of other people.
Exhibitors Herald, 10-September-1921

"Arrow's New Comedies and Their Stars." This ad mentions a fourth series, "Bobby Dunn Comedies."

Moving Picture World, 03-September-1921

Fox Sunshine Comedies frequently featured pretty girls and lions. "The Book Agent" starred Al St John and Claire Sedgwick, but I don't think that is Al St John in the photo.

Moving Picture World, 24-September-1921

Harry Cohn, his brother Jack and Joe Brandt provided the initials for C.B.C. Film Sales Corp. The Hallroom Boys Comedies were a long running series of short comedies, based on a comic strip by Harold MacGill. At this point, Sid Smith played Percy and Harry McCoy played Ferdy.

Moving Picture World, 03-September-1921

This jolly-looking gentleman, Herbert C Raymaker directed the Hallroom Boys two-reelers. 

Moving Picture World, 03-September-1921

This item says that the new comedy will be "a censor-proof bathing girl comedy." Harry Cohn, always noted for his refined sensitivity, said "A picture to be funny need not be vulgar."

Moving Picture World, 03-September-1921

Joe Martin was an every-day average orangutan who was frequently billed as a chimp. With his wife, Mrs Joe Martin, he starred in a series of short comedies. "Joe's on the Watermobile Now" is a play on "going on the water wagon" as a name for giving up alcohol.

Moving Picture World, 17-September-1921

"Signing the pledge" was another euphemism for quitting alcohol. Here we see a drawing of an actual water wagon, being pulled by a camel. 

Moving Picture World, 25-September-1921

Exhibitors Herald, 17-September-1921

On the other hand, Snooky the Humanzee was a chimp. "Does Everything a Human Being Does/And Does It Better." That's debatable. 

Moving Picture Weekly, 03-September-1921

I did not know that Eddie Lyons and Lee Moran, who had been a team for years, playing in short comedies, had made a feature-length film which they both directed.  

Moving Picture Weekly, 25-September-1921

"They knew more about water in pipes than water in mining stocks." Stock watering is an old scam which involves inflating the value of stocks before selling them.
Moving Picture Weekly, 25-September-1921

"Four hundred and sixty short comedies they had to their credit when Universal rewarded them with a long-time contract to make five-reelers.

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