Thursday, September 30, 2021

Race Films in Dallas -- September 30, 2021

Dallas Express, 17-September-1921

The Lincoln Motion Picture Company, founded in Omaha in 1916 by brothers Noble and George Johnson, is often called the first company to make "race films," independent production with all- or almost-all-African American casts. In 1918, the company moved to Los Angeles, where it remained until it folded in 1922. The Johnsons left the company in about 1920. By Right of Birth, starring Clarence Brooks, was the company's fifth and last production. Actor Clarence Brooks went on to appear in many race films and some mainstream films during his career. 

The High School Theater in Dallas operated in the Teens and Twenties. It was apparently not a theater in a high school.

Dallas Express, 17-September-1921

This ad for the Grand Central Theater in Dallas, which was also going to show By Right of Birth, quotes the "Sole Owner and Manager," John Harris, as saying that he was going to show The Call of His People, by race film maker Reol Productions, which released about twenty movies in 1921-1922. "I also wish to state at this time that I have a number of Colored pictures booked and shall try to get as many as possible." 

The movie played two nights at each theater. Both probably showed the same print.

Billboard Magazine, 03-September-1921

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