Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Harold Lloyd -- Wave on Wave of Laughter in an Ocean of Joy -- September 7, 2021

Salem, Oregon Capital Journal, 17-September-1921

For some reason, this ad reminds me of The Great Gatsby

Pueblo Chieftan, 04-September-1921

"Captain Kidd's Kids": "Wave on Wave of Laughter in an Ocean of Joy."

Indiana Daily Times, 03-September-1921

I like the image of Harold and Mildred Harris getting married in "I Do."

Moving Picture World, 10-September-1921

To promote "Now or Never," the Pastime Theater in Albuquerque decorated the lobby with a railroad crossbuck and a painting of a locomotive, with a hole cut-out for the ticket window.

Moving Picture World, 10-September-1921

The Strand Theater in Minneapolis promoted "Now or Never" above the feature, starring Wanda Hawley.  "Now Showing Also Wanda Hawley." 

Charlevoix County Herald/u>, 09-September-1921

I'm a fan of county fairs. I like the Temple Theater's Fair Week Program, which included Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. I'll bet they did good business.

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