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Fatty Arbuckle May Be Tried On Two Charges -- September 14, 2021

Salem, Oregon Capital Journal, 14-September-1921

District Attorney Matthew Brady made plans to charge Roscoe Arbuckle in the death of actress Virginia Rappe, who died in a San Francisco hospital on 09-September-1921. She had been in critical condition since attending a Labor Day party held by actor Roscoe Arbuckle at the Saint Francis Hotel on 05-November-1921. She died because of a ruptured bladder which became infected. Roscoe's estranged wife Minta Durfee stood up for him and provided support. I need to learn more about the women's vigilante committee. 

Wife Rushing Back
To Arbuckle After
5-Year Separation

New York. Sept. 14 -- Mrs. Roscoe Arbuckle, who was known professionally as Minta Durfee, left New York today for San Francisco to help her husband. If possible, although she has been separated from him for five years.

"I am going to him as I think it my duty to be near him," she said. "I want to help him in every way I can. I don't know just how I can be of service to him, but many things will turn up that I can do.

"When we were married. I was 17 and my husband was 21, That was back in 1908. Five years ago, we agreed to disagree and I received a separate maintenance. Unfortunately -- or perhaps fortunately, as you please -- there are no children. We were not bitter against each other. We simply decided that we would remain good friends. Mr. Arbuckle has been very generous in his treatment of me in regard to finances. I have not had to work during these years, and last February he made me a present of a fine automobile.

"A reconciliation? That depends on whether I find that my place is with him and whether he finds that he is ready for a return to the life we led when we were married, when I was his inspiration. All I know now is that I am going to a friend who needs every bit of help he can get."

Mrs. Arbuckle was accompanied on the trip to San Francisco by her mother, Mrs. Flora Durfee of Los Angeles.


Prosecutor Answers
Report That "Square
Deal" Denied Fatty
With Demand

San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 14. -- Examination of all but expert witnesses was concluded in the coroner's inquest into the supposed murder of Miss Virginia Rappe, a motion picture actress, when the coroner's jury today decided to allow a protest by District Attorney Brady that Miss Zeh Prevost and Miss Alice Blake, show girls, should not be questioned. As a result of the decision, Miss Prevost, who had taken the stand, was excused.

The coroner announced that Dr. Selby Strange, autopsy surgeon, and Dr. William Ophuls, who performed post mortem, on Miss Rappe's body, would be questioned, and that this examination would conclude the testimony taking. Roscoe C. (Fatty) Arbuckle. motion picture comedian, who is charged with having murdered Miss Rappe was at the inquest in accordance with legal requirements.

Defense Answered.

At the inquest Brady said it had been reported to him the defense had complained "it was not getting a square deal."

"If they are not getting a square deal why do they not put Arbuckle on the stand in this inquest?" the district attorney asked. "We will withdraw our objections to further witnesses if the defense thinks it is being hard used."

Defense counsel did not announce what action would be taken.

Faces Two Charges.

San Francisco, Sept. 14. -- The way was cleared today for a speedy trial of Roscoe C. (Fatty) Arbuckle, motion picture comedian, on one of two charges which hold that he is responsible for the death of Miss Virginia Rappe, motion picture actress, after she had been subjected to an alleged attack in his rooms at the St. Francis Hotel.

The first charge is murder, preferred Monday by Mrs. Bambina Maude Delmont, who said she was in an adjoining room at the time of the alleged attack. The second is manslaughter, which was returned as a true bill by the county grand jury last night and which will become a formal indictment when it is filed in court tomorrow.

Two Trials Possible.

The authorities are discussing today the charge on which they will bring the actor to trial. District Attorney Brady is of the opinion that the murder charge should stand. If Arbuckle is cleared of that charge in the event that he is tried on it, he must still face the manslaughter charge.

The coroner's inquest, which started Monday, was continued today with Miss Zeh Provost, motion picture bathing girl, and Alice Blake, show girl, as scheduled witnesses. They attested in statements to the authorities and the grand jury that they were present at the Labor day party in the St. Francis hotel in which Miss Rappe is alleged to have received the injuries that resulted in her death four days later.

Arbuckle Unmoved.

The women's vigilante committee, formed to assist the moral forces of the city in maintaining the honor of the courts and of the administrative bodies, is expected at its regular meeting today to take up the Arbuckle matter and determine on the stand it shall take.

Arbuckle received news of his indictment in the city prison early today. He said nothing and appeared unmoved. Newspapermen who attempted to interview him noted that his face was more pallid than usual and that an air of dejection seems to have become fixed on him.

He sent out for his breakfast, keeping its items a secret.

Dr. Mariana Bertola, president of the women's vigilante committee, said that she expected the committee at its meeting today would adopt resolutions pledging every possible assistance to the authorities in the clearing up of the Arbuckle case.

"We will have a committee of women at the trial," Dr. Bertola said.

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