Thursday, August 5, 2021

Roscoe Arbuckle -- The Funniest Thing You Ever Saw -- August 5, 2021

Omaha Bee, 21-August-1921

I like the image of Roscoe Arbuckle in this ad for The Dollar-a-Year Man

Lakeland Evening Telegram, 31-August-1921

I like Roscoe's top hat, checked coat and striped pants in this ad for Crazy to Marry.

Moving Picture World, 06-August-1921

The owner of the American Theater in Butte tried some tricks to promote Roscoe's The Travelling Salesman while the Eagles and Elks held a convention in town. Roscoe was a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. I'd imagine the automotive satchel was not safe to drive. 

Moving Picture World, 06-August-1921

The Modjeska Theater in Augusta, Georgia promoted The Traveling Salesman with an Arbuckle bobble head and an electric train layout in a display window. People love electric trains in windows. The Modjeska was named after Helena Modjeska, a famous Polish-American actress.

Moving Picture World, 06-August-1921

Meanwhile Arbuckle was shooting location scenes in Chicago for his next movie, Freight Prepaid, which was later renamed Fast Freight.

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