Sunday, August 1, 2021

Larry Semon -- Have a Good Hearty Laugh With Larry -- August 1, 2021

Americus Times-Recorder, 08-August-1921

100 years ago this month, Larry Semon appeared in a nice caricature in this detail of an ad. 

Americus Times-Recorder, 08-August-1921

Here is the rest of the full-page ad. Priscilla Dean, the star of the feature, was married to Wheeler Oakman. One day I'll have to tell you about Wheeler Oakman.

Moving Picture World, 13-August-1921

Larry "gives frequent exhibitions of his imitation of a rubber ball."

Moving Picture World, 13-August-1921

Larry's "The Rent Collector" ran for two days at the Erie Theater in Hugo, Oklahoma, with a different feature film each day. 

Moving Picture World, 27-August-1921

"The line forms on the right -- Larry Semon wants a new leading woman.

"'Comedy experience is not necessary,' the Vitagraph comedian-director writes us. 'You have to act but dramatic training's the thing for that. Never mind if you're custard-pie shy -- we don't use 'em any more. You only need to be the comedy ABC -- Apt, Beautiful and Cameraproof,' he wants us to tell aspirants.

"A cameraproof girl, explains Larry, is beautiful even filmed from unfavorable viewpoints, and does not require trick light or lens effects to bring out her charm. Such girls are hard to find. But Larry says the salary is limitless to the right ABC girl."

Perth Amboy Evening News, 18-August-1921

I like the caricature of Larry in this ad for "The Bakery."

Pueblo Chieftan, 09-August-1921

I don't know for sure what happened to Larry in "The Rent Collector," but I suspect he may have gotten beaten up while trying to collect the rent.

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