Saturday, August 21, 2021

Buster Keaton -- Come and Laugh at the Sombre-Faced Comedian -- August 21, 2021

Pensacola Journal, 29-August-1921

This image does not strongly resemble Buster Keaton. I have never seen the word "gigglelouge" before. I guess it is supposed to suggest "travelogue."

Lakeland Evening Telegram, 25-August-1921

The first feature film that Buster appeared in, The Saphead, was still in release. 

Bisbee Daily Review, 28-August-1921

"Buster Keaton Now One of the Leading Comedians in the U.S." It was common for newspapers to run a small new item, which may have been provided by the distributor, along with an ad for the same movie.

Indiana Daily Times, 03-August-1921

"Here is Buster."

Moscow, Idaho Daily Star-Mirror, 15-August-1921

"Sober Faced Comedian Buster Keaton to Appear."

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