Sunday, August 29, 2021

Lloyd Hamilton and Max Linder -- August 29, 2021

Exhibitors Herald, 20-August-1921

At this point, Lloyd Hamilton, who had been the Ham of Ham and Bud, was starring in a series of Mermaid Comedies distributed by Educational Comedies. Please excuse the racism in the ad. Racism seems to have turned up in a number of his movies.

Exhibitors Herald, 27-August-1921

This item claims that Lloyd Hamilton had been in 307 movies in ten years.

Moving Picture World, 27-August-1921

Max Linder was the biggest star in film comedy before Charlie Chaplin. Linder appeared in hundreds of early Pathé slapstick comedies in France. He became a major star before World War One. There is some confusion about what he did in the war, but he was wounded or became seriously ill and newspapers reported that he had died. This was not true, but the French film industry, the most powerful in the world before the war, had mostly shut down. Max took an offer from Essanay and came to America, signing a deal to make six short films. The first two did poorly and the third did only a little better, so that was the end of the series. Max returned to France and opened a cinema. He made a feature in France, and then headed back to the US. He made a feature, Seven Years Bad Luck, which did well at the box office. His next American film, Be My Wife, was going to be distributed by the Goldwyn Company.

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