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from Competition Keen at Fort Bragg, Cal. -- October 10, 2015

Moving Picture World, 23-October-1915

"Competition Keen at Fort Bragg, Cal.

"Town of Three Thousand Inhabitants Supporting Three Motion Picture Theaters

"Fort Bragg is one of the most interesting of the small seaport towns in northern California ... It is in the center of a great redwood lumbering region and is almost entirelty dependent upon this industry for its existence, the "back country" being but sparsely settled.  Business is conducted there in a big way, lumber being sold largely in cargo lots; and while the population is probably less than three thousand, there are twenty-eight thirst-quenching emporiums, not counting the soda fountains, and three moving picture houses -- all striving eagerly for business." 

Moving Picture World, 23-October-1915

Moving Picture World, 23-October-1915

The redwood lumber in Fort Bragg is just about gone, but it is still the home of the California Western Railroad, the Skunk Train:

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