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John Barleycorn -- July 19, 2014

Motography - 11-July-1914

Jack London published John Barleycorn in 1913.  The autobiographical novel told the story of the effects of alcohol on London at different points in his life, starting when he was a boy.  "The Lad Himself -- Age Seven -- DRUNK -- Strongest Plea for Temperance Ever Pictured."  The book became popular with the growing Prohibition movement. 

Actor Hobart Bosworth admired Jack London's writing and formed a company to produce movies based on London's stories and novels. After The Sea Wolf, Bosworth produced John Barleycorn, which was release through Paramount.

Motography - 18-July-1914

Moving Picture World - 04-July-1914
This ad claims that "Wets" (people opposed to Prohibition) tried to pay $25,000 to stop the distribution of the movie.  It reflects the change in distribution from WW Hodkinson to Paramount. 

Moving Picture World - 18-July-1914
Moving Picture World - 18-July-1914

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