Friday, July 11, 2014

Big Six for Pics -- July 11, 2014

Christy Mathewson was one of the greatest pitchers in baseball.  He won three games for the New York Giants in the 1905 World Series.  He was widely considered the best human being in baseball.  He served in the army during the First World War and was exposed to gas during a training exercise and developed tuberculosis.  This led to his early death at the age of 45.  He was a member of the first class of the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

In 1914, Mathewson signed with Universal to do a series of movies.  I don't know how many got produced, and I doubt any still survive. 

Above is an ad from the 25-July-1914 Motography.  Below is an ad from the Moving Picture World of the same date.  Matty Roubert was a popular child actor. 

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