Sunday, July 6, 2014

Essanay's Studio at Niles, California -- July 6, 2014

The 11-July-1914 Moving Picture World had an article about Essanay's new studio in Niles, California, which is now part of Fremont.  Broncho Billy Anderson produced his movies there.  Essanay's popular Snakeville Comedies were produced there.  The bungalows still survive. 

An Essanay ad from the same issue inclues "Broncho Billy and the Gambler."  I would love to see a biopic about GM Anderson.  It also sells a Snakeville Comedy, "Slippery Slim's Inheritance." 

An ad from the same issue for the western Snakeville Comedies promises that they "WILL INSURE YOU AGAINST LOSS."  Augustus Carney, Alkali Ike, the biggest star in the series, had already left. 

Late in 1914, Essanay signed Charlie Chaplin.  After making one movie in Chicago, he moved to Niles and shot several films, including "The Tramp."  Niles still commemorates his time there. 

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