Wednesday, July 12, 2023

First Pictures Out of Russia in Two Years -- July 12, 2023

Motion Picture News, 07-July-1923

Fox released "Red Russia Revealed," a two-reeler using footage shot in the USSR. "The Issues of a Military Despotism." "A Panic Stricken Country Under Red Rule." Blood drips from the hand that holds cards with photos of Lenin, Trotsky and "Kalenin" (Mikhail Kalinin). "Soldiers Forcing Priests at the Points of Bayonets to Search Gravel for Gold." "150,000,000 People Fighting the Wolf of Famine." "The Iron Heel Crushing a Nation." I wonder if the producers were for or against.

Motion Picture News, 07-July-1923

Motion Picture News, 14-July-1923

Look at the tongue on that wolf.

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