Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Chaplin -- We've Saved This Comedy Knockout For You -- July 18, 2023

Omaha Bee, 08-July-1923

"Dough and Dynamite" was a release of one of Charlie Chaplin's best Keystone comedies. I like the drawing of Chaplin.

Americus Times-Recorder, 25-July-1923

A Berlin street entertainer impersonating Charlie turned out to be a pick pocket.

Washington Evening Star, 30-July-1947

A few months back, we saw that there were rumors that Pola Negri and Chaplin were engaged. This item says that Miss Negri's press agent thought up the whole thing. It says that Miss Negri wanted to marry tennis champion Big Bill Tilden. I find this interesting for two reasons:
1. Chaplin and Tilden were good friends. 
2. Tilden was gay. 

Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger, 09-July-1920

Calgary Herald, 12-July-1923

You can barely make out Chaplin's photo, but I like the design of this ad for "The Pilgrim."

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