Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Charlie Chaplin is Seen in Many Guises in "Idle Class" -- February 23, 2022

Pensacola Journal, 06-February-1922


Get ready for a good laugh.

For today we're going to show you a brand new Charles Chaplin comedy and you don't want to miss it. We know that all the patrons of the Isis theatre make a special point to see all the Chaplin, comedies, but we are issuing this warning to make sure. "The Idle Class" is a "knockout," and it will make you laugh until the tears come.

One novel feature of the comedy is the fact that for the first time the comedian portrays a dual role that of a tramp and of a gentleman. And he can be just as funny in a dress suit as he is in his tramp attire. His experiences on the golf links and as the absent-minded husband of the beautiful Edna Purviance are side-splitting.

Take our advice and don't miss "The Idle Class."

Motion Picture Magazine, February, 1922

Los Angeles Times, 01-February-1922

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