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Buck Jones -- The Greatest of All Western Character Portrayers -- February 15, 2022

Grand Forks Herald, 20-February-1922

I like the name of the Foto Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan. According to the IMDB, The Big Punch and The Freeze-Out were both directed by John Ford.

San Diego News-Pilot, 02-February-1922

Seattle Star, 24-February-1922

Hoot Gibson was a contemporary of Tom Mix and Buck Jones. His movies tended to emphasize humor. I like the caricature.

Seattle Star, 23-February-1922


Meet Ed "Hoot" Gibson, rodeo champion cowboy motion picture star, auto race driver and all round good fellow.

By Daisy Henry

Edward ("Hoot") Gibson. popular Universal cowboy actor, is having the time of his life in Seattle this week. Gibson is just Ilke a great, big kid, and is forever doing things that will make other people happy. Every day this week at the Columbia, where he is appearing in person as well as in "Headin' West," a Western thriller, Gibson has played host to some local organization. Tuesday afternoon it was Mother Ryther's day, and the young star made friends with every child at the big home. He brought them all down to the show and treated them to choice candies. Wednesday Gibson entertained the war veterans and Thursday and Friday he has similar plans.

This is not Mr. Gibson's first visit to Seattle -- in fact, he has spent a good deal of his time here renewing his acquaintance with R. H. Gray, or "Bob," as Gibson affectionately calls him. Rob and Hoot became associated together in California when Gibson was a cowboy. Both went into pictures together In 1912, with "Broncho Billy" Anderson's Essanay company. Tiring of this life, the pals drifted up to Seattle and Gray went into the garage business, at 1413 Broadway. with his brother. P. Gray. "Hoot" worked for them as a mechanic for two years and here got his first touch of auto racing.

Then came the big Pendleton roundup of l9l4. The Gray brothers persuaded "Hoot" to enter the rodeo, and it was at this world's event that the young cowboy-mechanic won the world's championship as best all-around cowboy in relay, pony, roping, bareback and Roman riding, a title which he still holds.

Gibson came by the monicker "Hoot" several years ago, when, as a cowboy on the ranch, he was always the last to turn in. "Gibson, you're a regular night owl," said one of his pals, and from that day on the boys called him "Hoot."

Gibson's rise in the picture world has been rapid. He joined the Universal film company a few years ago and has appeared in Western features ever since. He was recently elevated to stardom.

Seattle Star, 11-May-1916

Olive Ryther was a Seattle lady who devoted her life to helping orphans and widows and anyone who was hungry. In 1885, she took in the four children of a neighbor who had died. She took care of the needy until she died in 1934. The Ryther Child Center now helps troubled kids and their families.

Motion Picture News, 25-February-1921

Guinn "Big Boy" Williams was a tall, muscular guy who had worked as a cowboy and played professional baseball. Will Rogers helped to get him into the movies and gave him the nickname. Big Boy had been an Army officer during World War One. He remained active during the talkie era.

Morning Tulsa Daily World, 25-February-1922

Art Acord was another contemporary of Mix and Jones, who appeared in many silent films, but did not make the transition to talkies. Tom Santschi (hard name to spell) had a long career, but mostly worked in small character parts after the mid-1920s.

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