Thursday, May 9, 2019

Americanism Versus Bolshevism -- May 9, 2019

Moving Picture World, 17-May-1919
This colorful ad reflects the Red Scare which went on after the successful Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and other revolutionary but unsuccessful movements such as the Bavarian Soviet Republic. Prolific producer Thomas Ince was preparing Americanism Versus Bolshevism, a story of young Americans falling under the influence of Communists and Anarchists.  Movies and common people often got the two mixed up.  The movie was released as Dangerous Hours.

Moving Picture World, 03-May-1919
Bolshevism on Trial was based on a novel by Thomas Dixon, who also wrote the books on which The Birth of a Nation was based. "Bolshevism held up to the world a mask of idealism...But what has been seen to lie behind the mask?"

Moving Picture World, 17-May-1919
The creature in the second page looks like Trotsky.

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