Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What Is He Doing Over There? -- September 11, 2018

Motion Picture World, 07-September-1918
The United States joined the First World War in April, 1917. Learning from the British, the United States put its propaganda efforts into the hands of one organization, the Committee on Public Information, also called the Creel Committee, after its chairman, George Creel. The Creel Committee produced the "Official War Review," a series of weekly one-reelers about war subjects.  This one tries to answer the question "What is he doing over there?"  I like the image of a soldier in a dugout.

Motion Picture World, 14-September-1918
Under a photo of a nasty-looking German, it says "Scenes of wanton destruction and murder are shown that would shame a tribe of head-hunters."

Motion Picture World, 21-September-1918
The series was "Booked solid over the UBO and the other big vaudeville circuits for 3000 days!"

Motion Picture World, 28-September-1918
Exhibitors reported a positive response.

Motion Picture World, 07-September-1918
Why America Will Win was a feature-length dramatic biography of General John J (Black Jack) Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF).

Motion Picture World, 21-September-1918
"A KNOCKOUT" proclaims an ad with a picture of Uncle Sam, who has just punched a German.

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