Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Not a Serious Thing in Them Except the Profits -- Setpember 25, 2018

Moving Picture World, 28-September-1918
Henry (Pathé) Lehrman started out at Biograph, then went to Keystone with Mack Sennett, then left Sennett to found L-KO (Lehrman Knock-Out) Komedies. He left L-KO to produce Sunshine Comedies for Fox. Sunshine Comedies frequently featured pretty girls and lions. Here we see a lion sitting on top of a locomotive boiler and a comedian stuck in the smokestack.  Many of the films were lost in a big fire at Fox.

Moving Picture World, 07-September-1918
Bud Fisher's Mutt and Jeff was the most popular comic strip in America for many years.  Augustus Mutt and Jeff had many timely adventures.  The cartoon in this ad refers to the draft.  Mutt is eligible because he is 18 to 45, while Jeff is not because he is too short.

Moving Picture World, 21-September-1918
Despite Jeff being too short, they wound up in the army, fighting the Germans.

Moving Picture World, 28-September-1918
"As an example of the policty now almost exclusively followed utilizing big news events as the theme of the Mutt and Jeff Animated cartoons..." Mutt and Jeff wound up in Berlin, treating Kaiser Bill's aching tooth.

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