Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Huns and Hyphens -- September 5, 2018

Film Daily, 20-September-2018
100 years ago this month, in September, 1918, Larry Semon was starring in two reel Big V Special Comedies like "Huns and Hyphens." Vitagraph liked alliterative names for comedies.

Moving Picture World, 21-September-1918
"Vitagraph has started out to make its new feature comedies on the highest possible plane for subjects of this character, the stories, settings and personnel of the 'Big V Specials' having been selected on a feature basis."

Exhibitors' Herald, 23-September-1918
  "This new unit will place Vitagraph in a class by itself, because it will be the only company releasing a two-reel special feature comedy every week in the year."

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