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Proclaimed by Press and Public to be the Greatest of all Film Battles -- September 9, 2017

Moving Picture World, 06-August-1910

James J Jeffries had been heavyweight boxing champion from 1899 to 1905, when he retired undefeated.  He came back in 1910 to answer the pleas of racists who did not like Jack Johnson, an African-American, being heavyweight champ.  They met in Reno, Nevada on 04-July-1910.  Johnson dominated the fight for 15 rounds.  Jeffries' corner threw in the towel so he would not get knocked out. 

Many cities and states, fearing racial unrest, banned films of the fight.  In 1912, Congress banned interstate transportation of fight films. 

Jeffries-Johnson films are available in several versions on YouTube. 

Jim Jeffries settled in Burbank, where he trained boxers and promoted fights in an old barn.  The fights were popular with people in the film industry.  The barn is now at Knott's Berry Farm. 

Ad Wolgast, the Michigan Wildcat, won the lightweight title from Battling Nelson, the Durable Dane, on 22-February-1910, by a TKO in the 40th round.  The movie promises 21 of the rounds in four reels. 

Battling Nelson had won the lightweight title from Joe Gans in 1908 in Colma, south of San Francisco.  This ad may offer that fight or their other fight in 1908.  Nelson lost to Gans in 1906 and beat him in both 1908 fights.  Joe Gans, the Old Master, was African-American. 

We all know the results of "Custer's Last Stand." 

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