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Chaplin -- And How He Does It -- Septermber 15, 2017

Photoplay, September, 1917
100 years ago this month, in the September, 1917 Photoplay, Terry Ramsaye (spelled Ramsay here) published an article about Chaplin.  He was a journalist who worked with Chaplin at Mutual  Ramsaye went on to write two early books about the movies, A Million and One Nights and A History of the Motion Picture (Through 1925).

In September, 1917,. Chaplin had already signed his contract to produce for First National and was finishing his last productions for Mutual.   Essanay was still trying to make a buck from his movies.

Moving Picture World, 01-September-1917
Chaplin is reported to have rescued a child from the sea at Santa Monica.  Two items down, Eric Campbell, whose wife had just died, remarried.

Moving Picture World, 01-September-1917
Some people asked why Chaplin had not enlisted in the British Army or the US Army, but many agreed that his films were an important contribution to morale.

Moving Picture World, 01-September-1917
This article talks about some famous movie fights.  It mentions Eric Campbell and Charlie Chaplin on the escalator in "The Floorwalker."

Moving Picture World, 08-September-1917

"The Adventurer" was Chaplin's last film for Mutual.

Moving Picture World, 15-September-1917
The release date for "The Adventurer" was yet to be determined, probably because it was Mutual's last Chaplin film.

Moving Picture World, 29-September-1917
"The Adventurer" was nearly complete...

Moving Picture World, 29-September-1917
...but was held up by Edna Purviance's illness. 

Moving Picture World, 15-September-1917
Essanay "bows to public demand" and issues new prints of the Essanay-Chaplin films.

Moving Picture World, 22-September-1917
Essanay would reissue one film a month.

Moving Picture World, 29-September-1917
The first reissue would be "The Champion." 

Moving Picture World, 15-September-1917
 A boxing match between Charlie Chaplin and Eric Campbell, refereed by Mary Pickford?  To benefit the French Emergency Hospital Fund?  I'd buy a ticket. 

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