Thursday, September 7, 2017

In the Wake of the Huns -- September 7, 2017

Moving Picture World, 29-September-1917
America had declared war on Germany in April, 1917.  American soldiers began landing in France in August.  The war was a hot topic.

The insulting use of the nickname "Hun" for Germans came from a speech by Kaiser Wilhelm II, who told German troops sailing to put down the Boxer Rebellion in China to mercilessly make a name for themselves in China. 

Moving Picture World, 01-September-1917
People like to make fun of the Italian army in the two world wars, but they forget that the Italians put up a desperate struggle against the Austrians and the Germans in terrible conditions in the Alps.  They completely forget the twelve Battles of the Isonzo.  My grandfather's uncle was captured there and could still imitate the way the guards spoke sixty years later. 

Moving Picture World, 15-September-1917
Moving Picture World, 22-September-1917
"The Summit of Box Office Success." 

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