Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Tanks at the Battle of the Ancre -- July 11, 2017

Moving Picture World, 14-July-1917

War films were becoming more popular in mid-1917 as the United States prepared to join the fight.  Pathé released "The Tanks at the Battle of the Ancre," Tanks were still a new weapon of war and they attracted a lot of interest.  The Battle of the Ancre was the last British push in the Battle of the Somme, in September, 1916.

The tank in the image appears to be an early British model, perhaps a Mark I.  It would be described as a Hermaphrodite because it is armed with both cannons and machine guns.  Male tanks were armed with cannons and female tanks with machine guns.  

This may be part of the movie:

Moving Picture World, 14-July-1917
 A Pathé cameraman takes film of soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force setting sail for France.  

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