Sunday, July 23, 2017

Chaplin Signs With Exhibitors' Circuit -- July 23, 2017

Moving Picture World, 07-July-2017

I love "The Immigrant."

Moving Picture World, 14-July-2017
This story claims his next movie for Mutual would be a western.

Moving Picture World, 14-July-2017
Chaplin's Mutual contract was nearly up.  He signed with First National, a circuit owned by theater managers.  For $1,075,000, he would make eight movies, one every two months.  He did not make them that quickly.

Moving Picture World, 21-July-2017
"Chaplin to Strive for Quality" -- "It is in furtherance of this aim that Chaplin has agreed in the event a subject proves to be sub-standard that it shall be destroyed and entirely refilmed." 

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