Thursday, July 27, 2017

Funniest Man on the Continent -- July 27, 2017

Moving Picture World, 28-July-1917

Billy West closely imitated Charlie Chaplin in a long series of comedies for different studios.While Chaplin was making the excellent Mutual comedies, West was making imitations of Chaplin's Essanay comedies.

Moving Picture World, 07-July-1917
This ad features Billy West out of costume. 

Moving Picture World, 07-July-1917
"In his actions and makeup he is a life-size painting of Charlie Chaplin.  He must surely be commended for his successful imitation of the popular comedy star." 

Moving Picture World, 14-July-1917
I could be wrong, but his face looks pasted in. 

Moving Picture World, 21-July-1917
"Funniest Man on the Continent" seems to be an odd tag-line. 

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