Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tenth and newest of the Mutual-Chaplin Specials -- April 23, 2017

Moving Picture World, 21-April-1917
"Tenth and newest of the Mutual-Chaplin Specials Depicting Charlie's visit to a health resort."  I remember a local Public Television station, KQED-Channel 9, playing "The Cure" during the 1970s.  I don't remember why they showed it, but I loved it.

Moving Picture World, 21-April-1917
An ad from Mutual says "The public is eagerly waiting for its screening, as newspapers all over the country have mentioned its coming."

Moving Picture World, 21-April-1917
"The theater man needs no special 'stunt' to attract the crowds when Charlie is the headliner -- all he needs is to make a big display of the name Charlie Chaplin to let the people know the time and the place they will all be there.  Chaplin's name is sufficient -- the people themselves will do the rest." 

Moving Picture World, 14-April-1917
A capsule biography repeats the rumor that Chaplin was born in France.  He was not. 

Motography, 21-April-1917
 A "pre-view" of "The Cure" shows Charlie Chaplin with nemesis Eric Campbell and love interest Edna Purviance.

Motography, 28-April-1917
"Edna Purviance as the girl scintillates with her usual brightness and the support is good as usual." 

Moving Picture World, 07-April-1917
An ad for Globe Ventilators uses Chaplin's image.  "Even Chas. Chaplin, Esq., cannot fill your Theatre this summer if it is close, hot and stuffy." 

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