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Hell Morgan's Girl -- April 18, 2017

Moving Picture World, 03-February-1917

Hell Morgan's Girl was a 1917 film produced by Bluebird Photoplays, a subsidiary of Universal.  The film is set in San Francisco's Barbary Coast, where a young man from a rich family is hired by to play piano in a saloon.  The owner, Hell Morgan, has a daughter, Lola, played by Dorothy Phillips.  The young man and Hell Morgan's Girl fall in love, but Lon Chaney's character, Sleter Noble, wants the girl.  The 1906 fire and earthquake cleans things up at the end.  The film is probably lost.

Moving Picture World, 10-February-1917
"Lavishly produced; thrilling scenes of the great San Francisco earthquake; life in the resorts in the famous Barbary Coast District of the city by the Golden Date."  The movie was released on a State's Rights basis, selling the rights to each region of the country to local distributors.

Moving Picture World, 17-February-1917
"This is
'Hell Morgan's
You Doubt Her
You Accuse Her
You Pity Her
You Condemn Her
You Hate Her
You Love Her
She's Wonderful

Moving Picture World, 24-February-1917
"After selling valuable state rights territory on this unusual production all negotions were withdrawn owing to the insistent demands of BLUEBIRD exchange managers, who will release it as a BLUEBIRD special release."  Universal withdrew the movie from State's Right distribution and released through the Bluebird distribution channels as a special.

Moving Picture World, 03-March-1917
"'Hell Morgan's Girl' ... Now a Bluebird."

Moving Picture World, 24-March-1917
A late reference to the movie.  I like the Bluebird in the cage.

The movie appears to be lost. 

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