Monday, March 13, 2017

Pearl White, The Idol of Multitudes -- March 13, 2017

Moving Picture World, 10-March-1917
Pearl White starred in her seventh Pathé serial, Pearl of the Army, a timely spy story. American was moving closer to declaring war on the German Empire.

I like the automobile in the image at the top.  It must have been hard to work the pedals with those heels.

Moving Picture World, 03-March-1917
 The William Fox Circuit of Theaters was happy with the serial. 

Moving Picture World, 10-March-1917
"With submarines and threatened war the chief topic of the day, Pathe's military-mystery serial, "Pearl of the Army," is drawing to a successful and especially interesting close..."

Moving Picture World, 17-March-1917
That's a nice photo of Pearl. 

Moving Picture World, 31-March-1917
I don't like this photo as much. 

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