Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ham Comedies -- Nufsed -- March 15, 2017

Moving Picture World, 10-March-2017

In his wonderful book The Silent Clowns, Walter Kerr suggested that Lloyd Hamilton was one of the great silent comics whose reputation has diminished. This is because many of the solo movies Hamilton made for Educational during the 1920s are lost. Perhaps this is also because he was not able to succeed as a star in feature films.

The Ham and Bud comedies, made with Bud Duncan, were rough and ready, but very popular.
Moving Picture World, 10-March-2017
"Our 'HAM' comedies have taken a new lease on life.  For proof we point with price to Mr. Santell's first -- 'Efficiency Experts?'"

Moving Picture World, 10-March-2017
"Those funny fellers -- Ham and Bud, in every day life Lloyd V Hamilton and AE Duncan -- have been induced to affix their signatures to long-term contracts insuring their continued appearance in the 'Ham' comedies released by Kalem." 

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