Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chaplin Scores Hit With "East Street" -- March 25, 2017

 Moving Picture World, 03-March-1917
I like the typo in the title.  The body of the article correctly identifies the comedy as "Easy Street."

 Moving Picture World, 03-March-1917
I like the photo.  "Playing to capacity business at theaters everywhere."

 Moving Picture World, 17-March-1917
Mutual announced that Chaplin was working on "The Cure."

 Moving Picture World, 17-March-1917
This ad is addressed to export buyers.  I like the subtlety: "The Chaplin-Mutual Series is a wedge with which a film man can force his way into the market anywhere on earth." 

 Moving Picture World, 24-March-1917
"The Cure" is one of my favorite Chaplin Mutuals.  Note the larger view of the top panel of the ad.  In the rhetoric of the time, Chaplin is chasing the water wagon (he wants to stop drinking alcohol) but the whiskey bottle chases him, wanting him to keep drinking. 

 Moving Picture World, 31-March-1917
Chaplin finished shooting "The Cure." 

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