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Triangle Film Completes Plans -- September 28, 2015

Motography, 04-September-1915

The Triangle Film Corporation was founded by Harry and Roy Aitken to distribute films produced by three of the leading men in Hollywood, Mack Sennett, Thomas Ince and DW Griffith.  Each was supposed to supervise (produce) a movie for each weekly program.  Douglas Fairbanks made his film debut in The Lamb.  The captions are wrong.  The Coward was an Ince production and The Lamb was a Griffith. 

Motography, 04-September-1915
The opening program, at New York's Knickerbocker Theater on September 18, was to feature three leading ladies, Seena Owen, Margaret Gibson and Mabel Normand.  That is a nice picture of Mabel. 

Moving Picture World, 04-September-1915
"Two five-reel dramas and two two-reel Keystones will be released each week."  "My Valet," the first Sennett film for Triangle, was a four-reeler. 
Motography, 11-September-1915
Thomas Ince replaced The Coward with The Iron Strain, starring Dustin Farnum, in the initial program.  I like the photos of the three principals. 

Motography, 11-September-1915
Triangle planned to open "four model theaters in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston."

Motography, 18-September-1915

Moving Picture World, 25-September-1915

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