Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spurious Chaplin Films Being Seized by Essanay -- September 24, 2015

Motography, 11-September-1915.

A sign of Charlie Chaplin's great popularity is that Essanay had to go to court to fight "spurious Chaplin films."  "...there have been several cases in which fake productions have been issued.  In other cases, films have been rented from the General Film Company, which distributes the Chaplin films for Essanay, and the film copied and these copies sold or rented out as the original Chaplin productions." 

Moving Picture World, 04-September-1915.

"Essanay-Chaplin Comedies are convulsing the nation with laughter.  Charles Chaplin's inimitable antics and facial expressions stamp him as the world's greatest comedies.  Watch for the next release." 

Motography, 04-September-1915.

The Ohio State Fair held a "statewide 'Charles Chaplin contest.'" 

Moving Picture World, 18-September-1915.

Essanay issues a warning to beware of unauthorized prints.  They ask exhibitors to report "any fake Essanay-Chaplin picture that you may know of."

Moving Picture World, 25-September-1915.

"'Shanghaied' in 2 acts in the latest Essanay-Chaplin Comedy.  "It is Charles Chaplin at his best.  Chaplin with his funniest antics and Chaplin in that weird humor that turns tragedies into laughs." 
Moving Picture World, 25-September-1915.

Moving Picture World reported that Chaplin and his company were marooned on a steamship they had taken to Venice when the launch which was supposed to take them ashore broke down.  There was no food on the ship, so Jesse Robbins and Lou Trimbly tried to row ashore, but could not land.  Two launches from Santa Monica rescued the party the next morning.  They were shooting scenes for "Shanghaied." 

Motography, 25-September-1915.
A review of "Shanghaied" doesn't sound very funny. 

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