Monday, June 16, 2014

Carla Laemmle, RIP -- June 16, 2014

Carla Laemmle, the niece of Universal Pictures founder Carl Laemmle has passed on at the age of 104.  She was one of the few living people who had acted in a silent movie during the silent era.  She danced in The Phantom of the Opera and had small parts in movies like The Broadway Melody and Dracula.  Silent film fans who met her said she was always gracious. 

People always said that Carl Laemmle hired lots of relatives to work at Universal, so he was called "Uncle Carl."  Carla was someone who could call him that because he really was her Uncle Carl. 

The image of Uncle Carl is from the 28-February-1926 Film Daily.  It celebrates Universal's 20th anniversary.  I'm not sure how that works since Universal started in 1912 and predecessor IMP started in 1908-1909.  As far as I can tell from a cursory glance at the interesting issue, 1906 is when he entered the industry. 

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