Sunday, June 22, 2014

All Experts Have Gone Nuts! -- June 22, 2014

Motion Picture Daily, 24-July-1931

In 1931, Mickey Walker, the Toy Bulldog, gave up the middleweight championship to fight as a heavyweight.  On 22-July-1931 in Brooklyn, he fought Jack Sharkey, the Boston Gob, who would later be heavyweight champion.  Walker, who had also been welterweight champ, was regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time.  Sharkey was a good fighter at times, but was never consistent.  The Toy Bulldog fought the Boston Gob to a 15 round draw. 

Note that the movie is said to be the "First All-Talking Fight Picture."  If that's true, I'm surprised it took until 1931.  "Most Intensely Discussed Event in Sporting History."  Sure.  "New York State Only."  The interstate transportation of fight films was illegal from 1912 until 1940. 


  1. Mickey Walker a true legend. How can one buy the above poster?

  2. Mickey Walker a true American legend. How can one purchase the above poster?

  3. Hi Rob. Thanks for visiting. The Toy Bulldog was a great one. This is not a poster, it is an ad from a magazine, which I see I forgot to label in the post. It is from Motion Picture Daily, 24-July-1931. I got it from a Library of Congress site:
    You might find a paper copy of the magazine somewhere if you want to frame the page.


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