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Buster Keaton is Only Half There! -- May 18, 2024

Film Daily, 15-May-1924

"You're darn tootin' it's a warm-weather buster, the funniest long comedy you ever played." Before air conditioning, many movie theaters closed during the summer. 

Why are Buster's head and shoulders sticking out of a suitcase suspended from an old lady's neck? Go see Sherlock, Jr.

Film Daily, 25-May-1924

"Played to over 25,000 people in 3 Days!"

Film Daily, 27-May-1924

"Buster Keaton chalks up another! Sherlock Jr. is his best shot -- your pocket sure will have a silver lining when this one rolls into it!" The Metro advertising department sure did like exclamation points. 

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

When projectionist Buster dreams of being a detective, he is an elegant detective, as we often saw before hard-boiled detective fiction became popular.

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

This exhibitor said the Sherlock Jr "is Buster Keaton's latest, but not his greatest."

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

Exhibitor's Herald didn't like it either. "It hasn't the pep in the early footage..."

Exhibitors Herald, 03-May-1924

This exhibitor didn't like Three Ages. "Buster had better (go - JT) back to two-reel stuff or he will be a dead number..." 

I am glad these reviews are wrong. 

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