Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The Greatest Advertised Baby in the World! -- November 29, 2023

Film Daily, 18-November-1923

Baby Peggy made the jump from short comedies for Century to feature-length films for Universal. 

Film Daily, 01-November-1923

I find this image to be creepy.

Film Daily, 04-November-1923

"Oooh Golly!"

Film Daily, 17-November-1923

I find this image to be creepy, too.

Motion Picture News, 24-November-1923

Century carried on, releasing one short comedy a week. "Comedies with a box-office kick!"

Motion Picture News, 17-November-1923

Century signed five-year old Dawn O'Day for a new series of comedies. Ten years later, after starring in an adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, she changed her name to Anne Shirley.  

Motion Picture News, 03-November-1923

Buddy Messinger was another child actor starring in a series of Century Comedies. Albert Herman directed "A Regular Boy." Note the chef in blackface. 

Motion Picture News, 03-November-1923

Albert Herman also directed "Bringing Up Buddy". 

Motion Picture News, 10-November-1923

"A Corn Fed Sleuth" starred Jack Earle and Roscoe Karns. Albert Herman directed.

Motion Picture News, 17-November-1923

"One Exciting Day" starred Jack Earle and Billy Engle. Guess who directed. 

Motion Picture News, 24-November-1923

Pal the Dog was the star of "Down to the Ship to See" (heck of a title, making fun of Down to the Sea in Ships). Pal was supported by Roscoe Karns and the Century Follies Girls. Albert Herman directed. He must have been a busy guy.

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