Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Marion Davies -- Twentieth Meets Fifteenth Century -- September 5, 2023

Cine-Mundial, September, 1923

I have never seen another photo of Marion Davies with her hair arrayed in this fashion. Her clothes look fairly modern. 

Motion Picture News, 01-September-1923

In August, Marion Davies left a wreath at the grave of Robert Fulton, promoter of the Clermont (officially the North River Steamboat), which is generally regarded as the first economically successful steamboat. Fulton was a character in her film Little Old New York.

Motion Picture News, 22-September-1923

Cosmopolitan built this set in their New York studio for Marion's next movie, Yolanda

Motion Picture News, 29-September-1923

Recently launched US Navy Zeppelin ZR-1, later called Shenandoah, sailed over the set of Yolanda. "Twentieth Meets Fifteenth Century."

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