Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Buster Keaton -- Keaton's Kolossal Komedy -- September 19, 2023

Motion Picture News, 01-September-1923

Buster's first five-reel feature was Three Ages. "How they put it over in Frisco." Ugh.

Motion Picture News, 01-September-1923

"Prepare! K. K. K. is Coming!!" This unfortunate and threatening slogan meant "Keaton's Kolossal Komedy." Note the advertisement painted on the guy's coat: "He Hasn't Been to See/Buster Keaton in 'Three Ages' at Loew's Warfield." The Warfield still exists. It is used as a music venue. 

Motion Picture News, 08-September-1923

Motion Picture News, 22-September-1923

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