Monday, March 6, 2023

DW Griffith -- No One Will Be Seated During the Last Fifteen Minutes of the Performance -- March 6, 2023

Omaha Bee, 10-March-1923

When I was a kid, my parents would occasionally take us out to a movie. I noticed that they would walk in at any point during the movie and stay for the next showing and we would leave when the movie got to the point where we arrived. Nowadays we usually pay attention to the times a movie starts. 

I think this ad is the earliest one I have seen that says no one will be admitted after a certain point. One Exciting Night was meant to be a mystery and it finished with a thrilling hurricane scene, so this restriction at the Rialto Theater in Omaha seemed to be appropriate.

Omaha Bee, 10-March-1923

Elsewhere in Omaha, Griffith's World War One drama Hearts of the World was playing at the Moon Theater. 

Casper Daily Tribune, 29-March-1923

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