Thursday, February 9, 2023

DW Griffith -- One Exciting Night -- February 9, 2023

Motion Picture News, 03-February-1923

100 years ago this month, DW Griffith was heavily promoting his latest masterpiece, One Exciting Night. Please excuse the racism in this ad. I assume it supposed to represent Porter Strong, who played Romeo Washington. Strong was a white guy who frequently played in blackface.

Motion Picture News, 10-February-1923

In Minneapolis, "the crowds packed every inch of space in the house, jammed the lobby and milled around in the streets." I think the ad displays Carol Dempster and Porter Strong.

Motion Picture News, 17-February-1923

This four-page spread must have cost Griffith and/or United Artists, a pot of money. 

Motion Picture News, 24-February-1923

Mr Ruben of Finkelstein and Ruben Theatrical Enterprises in Minneapolis/Saint Paul called One Exciting Night one of the sixth best pictures he had ever seen.

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