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Chaplin -- Yes, My Sharlie -- February 19, 2023

Motion Picture News, 03-February-1923

Charlie Chaplin's "The Pilgrim" was the last movie he made for First National release. It was four reels long.

Motion Picture News, 10-February-1923

Persistent rumors had it that Chaplin and Polish actress Pola Negri were going to marry. It would have been the second marriage for both. I was very young when I first read his My Autobiography and he said some things about Negri that I did not understand.

Photoplay, February, 1923

Negri and Chaplin. She had recently come to the US from Europe and some of this hoopla may have been publicity for her. 

Photoplay, February, 1923

The Photoplay reviewer said "The Pilgrim" was a good comedy, but felt it was "sketchy." Chaplin could have made more out of the material.

Motion Picture News, 17-February-1923

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