Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Doug Fairbanks, Harold Lloyd and Tarzan -- April 5, 2022

Richmond Palladium and Sun-Telegram, 01-April-1922

100 years ago this month, Harold Lloyd was a big star. "Just Dropped In" was a revival of a 1919 two-reeler. The Mollycoddle was a 1920 feature starring Douglas Fairbanks. The Adventures of Tarzan was a serial which included Elmo Lincoln's last appearance as Tarzan.

Moving Picture World, 01-April-1922

Some people consider the four reel "A Sailor Made Man" to be Harold Lloyd's last short, while others call it his first feature. In any event it was a great success.

Moving Picture World, 01-April-1922

Harold was stricken with influenza, which could still be serious a few years after the epidemic.

Moving Picture World, 08-April-1922

Harold completed his first for-sure feature, Grandma's Boy.

Moving Picture World, 29-April-1922

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