Wednesday, July 7, 2021

William S Hart -- Surcharged With Infinite Pathos -- July 7, 2021


Moving Picture World, 02-July-1921

Lambert Hillyer directed William S Hart in The Whistle, a William S Hart Production released by Paramount.

Moving Picture Weekly, 09-July-1921

I like the image of the whistle.

Rock Island Argus, 16-July-1921

Square Deal Sanderson was a 1919 production. "On the square, but bad as ever."

Moving Picture World, 23-September-1923, 16-July-1921

"A Bowl Bad Man."?

Moving Picture Weekly, 02-July-1921

I hope Bill Hart would not object if I mention one of his contemporaries, Harry Carey. I like Harry Carey. John Ford directed Desperate Trails for Universal release.

Omaha Bee, 17-July-1921

Note that Omaha's Moon Theater advertised its "Gigantic Arctic Cooling System." Uncooled theaters often had to close during the summer. "Human Harry Carey."

The Pullman Herald, 08-July-1922

"If Only" Jim was a 1920 feature directed by Jacques Jaccard. "Humaner Than Ever Harry Carey."

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